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Mini Kitchens

Modular solutions for desking, tables and partitioning have been commonplace in the work environment for decades. Space Savers brings that level of flexibility to the kitchen. With a vast range of standard configurations and appliances from which to specify, Space Savers compact office kitchens offer a refreshingly straight forward one-stop solution....



Mini Kitchens

Space Savers compact domestic kitchens offer the simplest solution to a whole host of possible applications. You can specify an entire kitchen, straight off the page, from the most basic of units from as little as 1000mm wide up to appliance laden fully functional kitchens that will still slide into a space as narrow as a 1500mm...



Equally adaptable for both office and domestic applications, a Space Savers cupboard kitchen is transformed from fully functioning kitchen with ceramic hob, microwave with grill refrigerator, sink and even optional dishwasher, to a discretely styled cupboard unit in an instant...




With the inexorable increase in property prices, an important market has opened up for key worker accommodation in busy urban centres. Keylife provides a fully functioning and competitively priced solution for this market sector. But just as important to this demographic - it looks great too...